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Texas A&M University in the Headlines

  • Using Light to Fight

    Our Center for Translational Cancer Research is using a technique that’s never been done before called optogenetics — a kind of immunotherapy that uses light to control the immune system and induce it to fight cancer.

  • Re-Thinking Therapy

    Through the Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans, we are rethinking ways to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With new studies in behavior therapy, exposure therapy, and mindfulness training, we’re addressing the mental health issue and improving lives across the nation.

  • Reinventing Care

    A team of our biomedical researchers are exploring optical technology that tests glucose with a directional, twisting light, possibly making the invasive, painful finger-prick tests for diabetics a thing of the past.

  • From Sea to Sky

    Michael Evans is taking his experience in oceanography and studying the carbonates formed on Mars, which will help better our understanding of the planet’s aqueous conditions. Next, he’ll be working with NASA engineers to plan future Mars missions.